Omni-channel for retail has arrived

When Amazon bought Whole Foods for billions, it wasn’t because they lacked access to organic kale and cage-free eggs. Making the deal turned Amazon into a true omni-channel retailer. In the simplest terms, omni-channel retail is how business-to-consumer companies are adapting … More

Smart phones are only getting smarter

  During lunch with an old friend last week, we talked about how much has changed since we first met over 30 years ago. Politics, the music business, fashion, pop culture, the list goes on. And so much was impossible … More

The Virtual Reality opportunity for retailers

If you’re a retailer, technology can seem like a constant game of catching up. First you needed a world-class e-commerce site, then the right CRM solution, then the ideal marketing automation software. Now you have to adapt to Virtual Reality … More

The evolving retail technology landscape

If necessity is the mother of invention, then no business segment follows that credo more than retail. Companies are constantly adapting to new consumer demands, trends, quirks and behaviors. And increasingly, that means integrating technology deeper and wider into their … More