Focus on security when outsourcing your IT services

No one could realistically debate the importance of IT services. To literally stay in business and serve their customers, every company needs a reliable network and data security. But the reality is that many can’t afford a full-time, in-house staff … More

Be aware of ransomware

Ransom isn’t the same as it used to be. In the past there were kidnappings, secret hideouts and negotiations between the good guys and the bad guys. Now we have ransomware, a term that describes how a computer is first … More

Small businesses need cyber security, too

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What hackers and Michael Jordan have in common

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Give your business a periodic cyber security check up

Beyond the day-to-day marketing, business development, operations, and human resources activities, every company must also contend with security threats. It’s simply part of the process of doing business in the digital age, when cyber crime can lead to financial losses, … More

Retail security is retail survival

It seems like every other month, we hear about a security breach at a large company. And when that large company is a mega-retailer, like Target, there’s huge trouble. Not just for the hundreds of thousands (or millions) of consumer … More