Cloud-based PBX: A breath of fresh air for office phone systems

Cloud-based PBX: A breath of fresh air for office phone systems
February 1, 2016  |  BY

We all know about the benefits of the cloud: virtual data storage, with the ability to access information with any device, anytime, anywhere on the planet.

Now it’s time to extend those benefits to your phone lines. Welcome to the world of cloud-based PBX systems, a cheaper, more scalable options for businesses of all sizes.

Only pay for what you use

If you have a traditional PBX phone system, you’re paying more than necessary.

First you had to pay for the wires to be placed within the physical structure of your office(s). Then you had to estimate – or rather, guess – how many more lines you’ll need for more users down the line.

Most likely, you’re paying for lines that no one ever uses.

With a hosted, cloud-based PBX system, you pay for a service – your only initial expense is for the phones, which you can rent or buy. Setup costs are far less, and only pay for lines that are actually in use.

Add an employee, add a phone

When a new hire comes aboard, just add a line through the vendor’s web site. Open a new office? Just add more lines – they blend into your existing system.

Unlike traditional PBX, the hosted option allows you to add or delete a line in an hour or two. And because you don’t need on-site management, the total cost of ownership drops significantly.

Get all the features you need

Call waiting, conference calling, caller ID, auto-attendant, find me / follow me, calling groups, call screening, voicemail to email transcription – they’re all options. Just go into the vendor’s online portal to add or delete features.

Also, cloud-based PBX systems have geographic redundancy, meaning the system automatically connects to a working server when there’s a disruption.

Not only do you have continual service, you have the virtual service your business requires to maintain productivity and profits.