Give your business a periodic cyber security check up

Give your business a periodic cyber security check up
May 2, 2016  |  BY

Beyond the day-to-day marketing, business development, operations, and human resources activities, every company must also contend with security threats. It’s simply part of the process of doing business in the digital age, when cyber crime can lead to financial losses, reduced productivity and poor customer confidence.

Given this reality, it’s imperative for your business to periodically invest time in reviewing your cyber security protections. Some tips:

Clean out the clutter
With all the concern about bits of data and abstract cloud networks, we can forget about good old-fashioned physical objects in the context of security. Don’t forget to shred sensitive paper documents, and recycle computer and electronic equipment. The latter activity is a good move for the environment, and when done properly destroys any trace of key personal or business information that may be languishing unchecked on old machines.

Beef up authentication
Consider using two-step authentication, which provides more security and a more complex entry point for potential cyber attacks. There’s no reason to be lazy about security – the time and costs involved in setting up this authentication will be well worth the effort. After all, your business can literally be one attack away from its demise. Online criminals constantly get more inventive; stay a few steps ahead of them.

Review everything digital
Software is one of most common places where cyber danger lurks. Accordingly, update software and perform tests to eliminate potential malware. Also use automated password technology to strengthen passwords, and delete old files and unnecessary emails. You might even want to review social media activity and profiles to ensure that no overly personal or sensitive information is floating around for criminals to access.

In addition, look at the company’s mobile devices. Delete unused apps while updating useful apps and operating systems. Not only does this enhance security, your employees enjoy increased storage and longer battery life.

Read the news
It seems each day there’s another cyber security threat at a major company, or a breaking story about the latest innovation by online criminals. Keep up with these reports so your security team can adjust accordingly.

One simple method is to customize a Google News page with “cyber security” as a customized topic delivered to this page each day. By maintaining awareness, you’ll be better prepared to not only be proactive, but also to assess legitimate threats if and when they arise.

Cyber security will never go away as a must-have function. But with a consistent security regimen, you’ll always be in a good position to defend your business.