Holograms are coming to an office near you

Holograms are coming to an office near you
June 25, 2021  |  BY

COVID didn’t just change where we perform our work, it (most likely) permanently altered how we work.

The question is, where do we go from here? Leaders are scratching their collective heads trying to figure out the future of their workforces.

While many companies will allow employees to keep on working remotely full-time, others prefer the concept of hybrid work. Which means, some days you come into the office, some days you work from home. Yet no matter which policy a company chooses, gone are the days when everyone will work in the same physical space all the time. This dynamic calls for inventive ways to collaborate. And one method gaining traction is the 3D hologram.

Recently, ARHT Media released a new product called HoloPod. It’s right out of a science fiction film. HolopPod is a 3D display system that essentially “beams” you into meetings, all from the comfort of your home or office. You can attend the meeting without having to be there, in a way that’s much richer and more compelling than joining via Zoom. This is just one example of a host of 3D Hologram options being unleashed into the real world.

Some companies are developing technologies they claim will provide more engaging experience than staring at people on a screen. The idea is to create the in-person meeting experience without people having to literally be in the same room.

Of course, it may take some time for holograms to go mainstream, but many startups are assuming it’s simply a matter of time before the orders start pouring in. While projection hardware can be cost-prohibitive for consumers, companies with deep pockets can afford it. New software technology now allows ways for laptops, computers, and other devices to foster the hologram experience.

In the past, you needed expert technicians to set up 3D holograms. But at a recent conference, ARHT showed how their HoloPod could be set up quickly via a plug-and-play system. The product was easy to use for those who were “remote”, as cameras capture the person from all angles, with the computer connected to a live stream feed. The technology connects all meeting attendees and allows them to virtually respond to each other in real time.

The beauty of such a system is that people can engage with life-size, three-dimensional representations of those who are literally elsewhere. As such, you can sense nuances like body language, where as with a Zoom meeting you only see one’s face. Body language conveys so much more from a communication standpoint, making meetings much more effective.

Over time, companies can replace 2D video calls with 3D virtual conversations. You’ll be able to collaborate using 3D whiteboards in virtual workspaces. In essence, participants in hologram-driven meetings will have digital clones.

Imagine beaming yourself into a virtual meeting, either to the office 30 miles away or to a colleague’s living room. Maybe even into a hotel conference room or the company off-site. With holograms virtually any type of meeting could be possible. The future we used to dream about is here today.