How CSPs can grow with analytics

How CSPs can grow with analytics
March 6, 2017  |  BY

The cloud has provided communication service providers (CSP) with more than a way to digitize their businesses. Now they can increase revenue with data analytics.

To do so, CSPs are making large investments and expanding their infrastructures, which improves capacity and corresponding business value. This is providing newfound intelligence and more precise decision-making capability.

Analytics allow CSPs to better understand capacity issues and the impact of specific services, as well as preventing network failures. There are a number of analytics categories from which CSPs can drive business improvement.

There are connectivity analytics, which provide an analysis of standard KPIs and potential dangers of specific network activity. With machine learning, administrators can analyze data logs to discover patterns of behavior. As such, they can lower the amount of troubleshooting and, in the long run, cut costs.

Intelligence analytics helps to make better decisions around things like marketing and branding, as well as how to create and deploy new digital services. Data gets viewed by, or shared with, contractors and marketing agencies to enhance external campaigns and internal processes

While sharing of data will soon become standard operating procedure, the practice will bring with it some challenges. To create a smoother road, CSPs can think of their intelligence analytics in multiple categories.

The first category is service intelligence, which is driven by machine learning that predicts and anticipates problems . Then there’s customer intelligence, which predicts customer behavior and provides automated and customized messages, offers and campaigns. And last is device intelligence, which are analytics that track usage of specific devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) and apps. Device analytics extends to the Internet of Things (IoT), helping to understand how to market and deploy this fast-growing category of technology. This also helps administrators to assess IoT-related behavior and trends.

As we can clearly see, analytics allow CSPs to provide an unprecedented level of value for their customers. In addition, analytics can spark an array of digital services offerings. In short, analytics help CSPs to grow.