When choosing telecom services, go independent over traditional

When choosing telecom services, go independent over traditional
March 22, 2016  |  BY

In the past, companies were stuck with one choice for telecommunications services: a single provider that would offer you limited options with little or no flexibility. But today’s businesses require a customized mix of voice and data services that is best designed by an independent telecom consultancy.

An independent telecom consultancy will not only help you choose the right package of services for your business, you’ll save money and receive prompt, personalized service.

A personal guide for choosing what’s right for your business
In today’s marketplace full of choices, there’s no reason to go with a one-size-fits-all service provider. But because packages and pricing options can be complicated, you can’t be expected to make the right decisions.

Fortunately, you can turn to an experienced telecom consultancy. These firms are not only familiar with the offerings from various vendors, they’re aware of the pricing and technical contingencies that a novice would never be able to anticipate. They know which questions to ask in order to develop a service package that’s specifically fits your business needs, your budget, and your potential growth plans.

 No hidden agenda
When you work with an independent consultant, you only pay for the actual telecom services you receive. The agent doesn’t work under a sales quota, so you can feel comfortable knowing that the options they present are truly in your best interest. Independent agents charge the telecom vendors, not the client (you). As such, they have an incentive to suggest solutions that are specifically for your needs.

 Take advantage of discounts
Since independent consultants have relationships with so many vendors, they’re constantly aware of new pricing breaks across the industry. This is knowledge that a large service provider will not have, given that they only sell their own services. Your consultant will keep you up to date on bargains and other cost-cutting options.

 One point of contact for all your needs
Think of your typical experience with a telecom provider. Most likely you deal with a nameless, faceless entity. You deal with a different person each time you need help or have a question, whether it’s over the phone or via email.

With an independent telecom consultancy, you develop an authentic relationship with a single person who’s there for you for everything: questions, concerns, service issues, contracts and more. They take care of everything so you can focus on your business, and will consult with you periodically to make sure that your service package meets longer-term needs. A traditional service provider has a business model that simply can’t accommodate that level of service.