You may be surprised at how people use their smartphones

You may be surprised at how people use their smartphones
August 19, 2017  |  BY

Ever since the dawn of the cell phone, we’ve increasingly become accustomed to seeing people staring at their devices. Whether you’re grocery shopping, at home or in the office, everyone seems to be doing something on their smartphones. The question is, what exactly are they doing?

Adobe wanted to get some answers, so they decided to conduct a study.

There are some surprising findings. For one, I’ve always assumed that most people primarily use their smart phones for either texting or accessing mobile apps. But according to the study, the most common activity (73%) is getting directions. Who knew?

And social media (65%) is less common than email (70%). I would’ve thought the reverse.

Making actual phone calls is becoming smaller and smaller in the rear-view window of technology. So much so that this activity didn’t even make the list. Not surprising, I suppose.

But that’s the fascinating thing about all technology: You never know how usage of a particular thing (software, device, platform, etc.) will evolve over time, nor can you predict the corresponding shift in our habits and preferences.

Just think that what was once a “phone” is now a combination computer, camera, video camera, payment processing system, travel planner, and so much more. Soon, the concept of having a wallet will feel antiquated, a relic from a bygone era of plastic credit cards and identification cards. With the flash of your device, you’ll be able to pay for your dry cleaning or enter high-security areas.

Although no one can predict how people will use technology in the future, we do know that businesses will always adapt to new behaviors. This is why, for example, the most successful companies offer easy-to-use, convenient mobile apps. It’s also why they’ve adjusted their email marketing and social campaigns to the mobile experience.

What’s next for smart phones? All we can do is wait and see.