The technology outlook for 2019

The technology outlook for 2019
December 12, 2018  |  BY

Are you old enough to remember “Y2K”? If so, you can recall predictions of technological and business disaster when the calendar clicked over from 1999 to the dawn of the 21st century. You also know that everything turned out just fine.

That’s the risk of looking into the future and making claims. But since we’re in the business of providing technology consulting, we can’t quite help ourselves. Here’s what we expect to see in 2019.

Data centers go off the grid

Data centers have become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Virtual servers and storage, as well as energy efficient buildings have much to do with that. The coming year will see these first generation efficient data centers go to the next level, with them running from their own power plants.

The virtual workforce multiplies

While all areas of business have increasingly relied on “deskless employees”, IT has been the department most reliant on them. And that trend will only grow next year as demand for technical, programming, and data science expertise increases each day. Not only are virtual workers necessary to make up for the shortage in IT talent, they allow companies to save costs usually associated with full-time office employees.

AI, machine learning, and deep learning come together

For some time, AI, machine learning, and deep learning have been inching closer together. In 2019 we’ll see full integration of these three across business applications. At a high level, AI will respond to data from algorithms and computers will adjust their knowledge from machine learning, leading to more precise algorithms. All of which will help companies make smarter business decisions.

Self-serve application development

You may not be familiar with the term “Citizen development” – this is where individuals within a company develop applications rather than relying on their friends in the IT department. We saw much of this in 2018 and it will only increase during 2019. The reasons? A number of tools have made app development easier for non-techies, and critical business initiatives simply can’t wait for busy IT resources to jump on the project.

Get used to the drones

It’s inevitable that drones will eventually become a key business tool. That day is coming soon because, although drones are still extremely regulated, 2019 will be the beginning of new phase of usage. Many more companies will use drones for operation centers and to overcome challenges with terrain and logistics.

Computing goes back to the future

More and more IT leaders have reached an interesting conclusion about edge computing: They are considering going back to distribute computing because “going to the edge” is done more efficiently locally than via the cloud. Of course, the overall benefits of the cloud won’t go away – it’s just that adjustments are being made in light of the evidence.

The IT drive-thru window

For a number of years, end users have become decreasingly reliant on IT. In short, IT has made it easier for others to get the tools and services they need, when they need them. Look for more of this 2019. For example, some IT departments created self-service kiosks that allow people to select specific tools, apps, and other technical assets. The user simply logs in and, based on access and security preferences, can create a tool or app for their specific needs, all without having to wait for IT to do it for them.

As always, predictions are just that. Don’t take our word for everything – do as much research as possible so you’re fully informed. Whatever you do, we wish you the best for 2019.