Adapt your network to the digital transformation

Adapt your network to the digital transformation
December 22, 2015  |  BY

Every business, no matter the category, is undergoing a digital transformation. That’s because today’s user has all the power – they can view, shop, and make a number of decisions from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Networks must now employ the combination of automation, intelligence and analytics to adapt to this new user behavior.

Built properly and used correctly, your network can measure every user action to improve efficiency, reduce costs and provide a more responsive user experience.

While this benefit applies to every category, it’s especially relevant to retailers.

You can analyze real-time customer interaction with products – in-store or online – and immediately discover how to promote customized messages and offers. With loyalty becoming a thing of the past, this type of personalized service is crucial to the survival of retailers.

To adapt to the digital transformation, retailers must consider the following:

– The type of data grows as you add applications
– The speed of receiving valuable data means you need to shift how to actually manage that data
– Anytime, anywhere global connectivity has increased user expectations

– You have to anticipate customer demands and react to data and behavior instantly

And this is how your network must adapt:

Get flexible
: Analyze complex queries, multiple interfaces and allow for technology from multiple vendors

Look at things in real time: Real-time analysis, dynamic dashboards and predictive analytics

Manage the data: Combine network and application data, gather current and historic data

More than ever, your retail business is only as good as its network. When your network is digital-transformation ready, your business will be ready for what consumers want. Which means more new customers and ongoing sales.