Have you been to Smart City?

Have you been to Smart City?
December 7, 2015  |  BY

Telecom companies offer an array of services from mobile to data to video. Now they can be an integral part of the Smart City

The Smart City concept is based on this: As cities continue to grow, they must grapple with sustainability issues while also providing the best that modern life can supply. Quality jobs, affordable health care, education for all, plus the infrastructure of roads, electricity and clean water.

Telecom companies can play a critical role in the development of Smart Cities. They are the key cog that connects infrastructure, home appliances, energy systems, freeways and offices. Telcos already connect everything together, and with the increasing rise of the Internet of Things their role will only increase.

Telcos will help to connect smart devices so that government and business can collect real-time information. They will aid in the analysis of that data in order to provide more efficient bus and train service, on-demand energy, even more responsive healthcare.

For that to happen, telcos must make significant investments in data centers, along with the requisite technologies and network upgrades.

Of course, Telcos simultaneously must deal with security issues like cyber-attacks, which could literally shut down transportation, commerce and financial systems.

But the opportunities far outweigh the risks. For example:

– Telcos are the most experienced in providing connectivity and data transport services
– Telecos have expertise consulting with cyber-security threats
– Telcos have the connectivity infrastructure
– Telcos know how to manage the complicated networks that will drive the Smart City
– Telcos are experts with cloud computing and data analytics technologies; being able to manage and dissect large amounts of data is key for Smart Cities

In short, because of their expertise, telcos have an amazing opportunity to grow their businesses. Leaders must have the vision to transform their current business models to be part of the Smart City. We think it’d be a smart move.