Improve applications by moving them to the cloud

Improve applications by moving them to the cloud
November 22, 2015  |  BY

These days, if you talk about the benefits of the cloud, you end up stating the obvious. It’s so 2007, right?

But there’s one facet of the cloud some enterprises may be overlooking. Many companies – and the IT departments that run them — have complex yet inadequately designed applications. For some reason they’re not being fixed.

With the cloud, you have a great reason to make those applications perform how you always intended.

By shifting applications to the cloud, enterprises can potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, enterprise applications can require a lot of time and work to be cloud-ready.

And you’re always taking a chance that the upgraded application might not in fact work, or it could even hamper other technologies.

But of course, the same danger applies if you move applications to another platform.

Since your application needs to improve either way, the cloud is the way to go:

– Save money
– Scale up and down as necessary
– Gain more visibility into governance
– Hire more talent versed in the latest technology
– Improve efficiency, and improve overall practices and processes by virtue of going through the exercise

Of course, not every application should live in the cloud, so make sure migration is a smart move before starting the actual work. Roadblocks can include hidden costs, interoperability and security issues.

The key is to develop a prudent strategy from going in-house to the cloud. Be aware of the process and have realistic expectations. The get ready to fly…to the clouds.